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3 reasons the time spent on your dental billing is too much

We’ve all heard the age-old saying, “time is money,” and we are all familiar with how relevant this adage is to dental practice ownership and management. It is crucial to maximizing the time you and your team spend each day on what is truly growing your practice. On average, a dental administrator is spending about 20 hours a week coordinating benefits, posting payments, sending clean claims, appealing denied claims, and other tedious dental billing processes. That means around 50% of a dental administrator’s work week is dedicated to strategies that don’t focus on patient care. Is this the best use of that team member’s time and energy in your practice?

How many hours a day is your staff spending on the phone? Is your practice phone line tied up with being on hold with insurance to verify benefits or chasing down claim payments or answering patient statement questions?

If your practice phone line is overwhelmed, this directly affects your patients’ experience. Nearly 90% of new patients that call your office and are sent to voicemail, put on hold, or not appropriately greeted, will not call