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Simplify your dental billing problems by putting the best dental billing services into action. DentalBilling Aid is a leading dental billing firm that utilizes the best strategies and practices to assist you in resolving billing issues and achieving outstanding earnings.
Our primary objective is to assist your office in collecting any insurance funds that are due to you. This necessitates our involvement in some parts of your insurance claim processing to keep your insurance account balances over ninety (90) days to a bare minimum.

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The Dental Billing Brand Promise

DentalBillingAid offers a full-service dental billing solution whose primary focus is to grow your account receivables with an efficient management system at hand.

From ensuring all your insurance claims get processed to collecting all the money you own, you can trust us to do everything with perfection!

All Features of the Dental Billing Service


Efficient EOB Posting

Within twenty-four hours of the EOB being scanned at your clinic, our team ensures that each insurance payment or adjustment is posted to the respected patients’ ledger. We recommend depositing cheques the next day to ensure they cover the entire day’s payments. Our daily EOB posting service’s principal purpose is to put your daily deposits into balance with the daily posted ledger.


Quick Electronic Submission of all Insurance Claims

We guarantee that all of your billing claims are sent to reputable insurance carriers in a timely and effective manner. We send each claim, whether main or secondary, electronically to assure accuracy. We cooperate with your existing electronic claim systems and can also assist you in setting one up if you have been dealing with claims manually up to this point at no additional cost.


Efficient EOB Posting

There is almost no likelihood of claims being denied because we ensure that every claim is reviewed before processing. However, if a claim is still refused, we have a separate team committed to quickly and efficiently examining disputed claims. They jump right into the procedure, examine the reason for the denial, and file an appeal — whenever possible.


Process Verification

DentalBillingAid offers a staff of experts committed to verifying the creation of each insurance claim. They ensure that each claim is created in a timely manner and contains all of the necessary information, allowing the oversight to be corrected and your accounts receivables to run smoothly.


Electronic Attachments

We always send claims to insurance companies electronically since it is preferable to use electronic attachments for efficient dental billing. To avoid mistakes and inconvenience, these attachments are inspected and validated before being sent. We can process a paper attachment via mail if an insurance provider does not accept electronic attachments.


Recollection of Missing Information

DentalBillingAid is your premium dental billing partner, with personnel dedicated to recovering all missing information from your patients before any claim is processed and delivered to the insurance company. When the team examining claims discovers missing information, they refer the case to experts to recover the missing data.

Our Dental Billing Pricing Packages

Depending on how many patients you serve monthly, the amount of effort required to process claims, submit EOBs, challenge denied claims, and maintain your over ninety days insurance accounts receivables to a minimum varies. The fees for this insurance accounts receivables service are dependent on the amount of money collected from insurance. All offices must adhere to the following payment schedule:


5.95%/ month

  • Collections under $30k per month  
  •  Credentialing
  •  Dedicated Billing Team
  •  Claim Submission
  •  Payment Posting
  •  Daily Reporting 
  •  Claims Report
  •  AR follow ups
  •  Monthly Reporting
  •  Denial Management


4.95%/ month

  • Between $30k–$100k per month
  •  Credentialing
  •  Dedicated Billing Team
  •  Claim Submission
  •  Payment Posting
  •  Daily Reporting 
  •  Claims Report
  •  AR follow ups
  •  Monthly Reporting
  •  Denial Management


3.95%/ month

  • Between $100k-150k per month
  •  Credentialing
  •  Dedicated Billing Team
  •  Claim Submission
  •  Payment Posting
  •  Daily Reporting 
  •  Claims Report
  •  AR follow ups
  •  Monthly Reporting
  •  Denial Management


2.95%/ month

  •  Collections more than $150k per month
  •  Credentialing
  •  Dedicated Billing Team
  •  Claim Submission
  •  Payment Posting
  •  Daily Reporting 
  •  Claims Report
  •  AR follow ups
  •  Monthly Reporting
  •  Denial Management
Dental Billing Service

How Does the Dental Billing Process Work?

Patient Data Entry

As soon as a patient registers at your clinic, we enter their information into the electronic billing software and a claim is generated.

Claim Verification

Each aspect of the patient’s information is reviewed. We make sure none of the claims get processed without verification.

Claim Submission

As soon as the claims are satisfied, we process them for submission to the respective insurance companies.

Payment Posting

Once the payment has been received by the insurance company, the team immediately posts it into the patient’s ledger.

How Is The DentalBillingAid's Advanced Billing

System Better Than Traditional Dental Billing?

The Traditional Dental Billing System

  • Excessive Time Consumption

    Dental billing is an exhausting process from origin. And doing it all manually – handling insurance companies, the delays, and follow-ups – it’s all very hectic. In addition to that, keeping a hand with technical dental billing codes and stuff also consumes a lot of time.

  • Uncontrollable Cash Flows

    A traditional dental billing system comes with control over your cash flows. Just one of your patients’ bills gets delayed, and your cash flow shrinks down – leaving behind no traces for follow-ups and recovery. All you get left with is the question, ‘how am I earning so little despite giving in all the hours I’ve got to this practice?’.

  • Inefficient Processing

    Since the dental billing codes keep changing over time and they’re becoming more complex, it’s become a lot difficult to get the hang of them for a layman from your administration. And that’s why you’re much likely to experience inefficient processing – resulting in delayed and denied dental claims very often.

  • Compromised Patient Care

    Now that all your focus is on the complex dental billing procedures, your patient care quality is definitely going to be compromised. And remember that compromised patient care can only end up declining your patient’s satisfaction and eventually narrowing down your practice.

  • Growing Frustration

    The hustle of handling the entire dental billing process and that too with other operations can surely put you and your staff into massive frustration. A stressful work environment can often lead to diminished productivity and eventually impact your practice negatively.

The DentalBillingAid's Advanced Dental Billing Solution

  • Time Effective & Simple

    DentalBillingAid brings you the most simple and time-effective dental billing solution. We can take into account all that prolongs your current billing process and make it simplistic through our dental billing software. We can take care of your billing while you can focus on other important things.

  • Automated Billing and Controlled Cash Flows

    DentalBillingAid is one of the best dental billing companies that can automate your entire billing system and gives you the power to control cash flows. Since everything gets recorded into the system, it becomes easier to track delayed payments and do a follow-up. You can finally be able to manage your cash flows the way you want!

  • Efficient Processing

    As a leading dental billing company, we’ve helped tons of dental practices thrive with efficient processing and systems. From creating the most accurate dental bill claims to getting them reimbursed on time, we take care of everything to ensure your cash flows are on point and you collect everything you owe.

  • Smart Patient Scheduling

    The best part of our dental billing service is that we offer smart patient scheduling. Our online scheduling system can help your patients schedule appointments in real-time. It also makes a waiting list of patients and updates them accordingly every time there’s an empty spot.

  • Increased Patient Satisfaction

    Now that your dental billing operation is under professional assistance, you’ll have plenty of time to serve patients with utmost quality. In addition to that, the sorted billing operations won’t make you send surprise co-payment cheques to the patients. It can really help maximize your patients’ satisfaction.

  • Growing Peace of Mind

    With your dental billing operations going smoothly, the patients’ satisfaction increased, and the cash flows in control, your peace of mind would definitely be on the top. You can finally focus on the important areas of your practice and look forward to expansion and growth.

Frequently Asked Questions

Dental billing is the procedure by which a clinic or individual practitioner obtains reimbursement from insurance companies. Because it is a complex process that relies on various legal regulations, DentalRevu simplifies the gathering process with streamlined approaches and strategies.

The owner/billing provider and the treating or rendering provider must be included on all claims filed to any dental plan. This is how it will work: The billing company will get the check from your plan. The dentist who took care of you will get paid based on their contract status.

Medical and dental billing may be a difficult procedure, but these difficulties can be resolved. Copays are payments made in advance for services delivered by caregivers. If practitioners do not get the whole amount up front, they may have issues collecting the remainder of the patient’s payment.

Standard dental procedures will almost always be invoiced to dental insurance carriers. A few extra processes and particular coding are often required for medical insurance claims in order to assure prompt payment.

To assist dental practices in better understanding why they should opt for a dental claims processing company like DentalBillingAid, here are five benefits they should know about: 1. Increased revenue, 2. Higher case acceptance, 3. Treat more patients, 4. Keep your practice healthy, 5. Quick Submission of All Claims.

Dental coders analyze clinical documentation to verify that all billable services provided by the dentist are allocated appropriate CDT®, CPT®, ICD-10-CM, and HCPCS Level II codes. Meanwhile, Dental billers are in charge of generating claims based on the codes supplied.

When it comes to the Code on Dental Procedures and Nomenclature, better known as the CDT Code, there are a total of 760 unique Dental Codes, according to the ADA’s Dental Codes List.

Using the right dental treatment code is crucial, but it may be difficult. While medical coding is based on Current Procedural Terminology (CPT), dental billing codes are based on Current Dental Terminology (CDT).

The cost of DentalBillingAid's billing services varies depending on the number of patients you deal with each month. On an average, the prices start from $1200 a month.

Our services are considerably more qualitative for the costs we charge, bearing in mind that one of their key purposes is to boost your revenue.

We have plans for every business size, including startups, intermediate, and advanced. However, we can always create a unique price plan based on your demands and specifications.

Yes, we offer full-service dental billing solutions, including the management of deposits and payments simultaneously. Our professionals have access to the insurance claims, patient’s ledger, and accounts receivable, but they’ll never be managing your money at any point in time.


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