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Dental Appointment Scheduling

Stop losing potential patients due to a lack of smart scheduling and instead use an online dental scheduling service to help you expand your practice.

Our high-quality, tailored communication solution is used to schedule patients on a regular basis. We ensure that no one falls through the gaps and provide a one-of-a-kind, patient-centered communication strategy.

Even if it’s been weeks or months since you last saw your patient, we’ll send them a tailored, professional greeting to encourage them back into finishing their therapy.

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Losing Patients Because of Incompetent Scheduling? DentalBillingAid's  Got You Covered!

With a fantastic online dental appointment scheduling service at hand, DentalBillingAid appears as a godsend. We understand the discipline of retaining existing patients while also acquiring new ones.

Our team can answer each of your patients’ calls, arrange their appointments around the process or treatment they require, and even reschedule in the event of a cancellation.

We respect your patient’s time and personal boundaries, giving you the sense of security that your practice is being represented politely and professionally.

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Personalized Service Tailored to Your Practice's Needs

Our Dental Appointment Scheduling Packages & Pricing


$499 / month

Ideal for dental offices with insurance collections under $40,000 per day.


$999 / month

Ideal for dental offices with insurance collections between $100,000 and $150,000 per day.


$500 / month

$250 (if bundled with above) if separate $500


Client Testimonials For Our Dental Appointment Scheduling Services

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Orange Grove Dental

Dental Billing Aid comprehensive services for managing a dental office. The entire team of DentalBillingAid are very knowledgeable and provide customized solutions to cater to managing the dental office administration needs. We are currently using DentalBillingAid and are very happy with the services and partnership.

South Jersey Dentistry

Dental Billing Aid offers many tremendously helpful services for all dental offices. They should definitely be utilized and implemented for dental office functions. Their team is very thorough and always responsive. A Must Have!

Eco Friendly Dentistry

We use Dental Billing Aid for our insurance verification at our office and we are so happy. It takes the stress away from our front desk and gives us more time to focus on our patients.

Midtown Dental Excellence

Dental Billing Aid offers a lot of great services. We have our own way of doing things and their Team learned every bit of it and did a great job! And doing it every day!


Frequently Asked Questions

Dental appointment scheduling is the foundation of your practice. It helps streamlining your entire practice in the finest manner. From scheduling their appointments to notifying cancellations and rescheduling on empty slots – everything is managed efficient with a scheduling system at hand.

Here’s how DentalRevu handles appointment scheduling:

  • We have created an automated dental scheduling system that gives real-time appointment confirmation to all of your patients.
  • Once a day's schedule is full, we generate a waiting list for the patients.
  • Each patient who has a slot reserved receives automated follow-up reminders, ensuring that the majority of them arrive at the clinic on time.
  • We also keep a careful eye on appointment cancellations and track them throughout the process.
  • For every spot canceled, we do quick rescheduling and ensure none of your slots go empty for the day.

The onboarding process at Dental Billing Aid usually takes up to twenty-one days. We establish a remote connection with your clinic so that your calls could be attended, your patients could be entertained, and your schedule could be managed.

Once the onboarding is completed successfully, DentalBillingAid will handle all of your patient calls, scheduling or rescheduling of your appointments, and even building the waiting list.

Here’s how outsourcing dental appointment scheduling is beneficial for your practice:

  • Never let’s a patient go unentertained
  • Retain older patients with follow-up calls
  • Gets your schedule full and maximize profits

The cost of online dental appointment scheduling we provide varies depending on the number of customers you deal with each month. Pricing typically runs from $499 to $999, with a $500 add-on for additional calling hours.

Our services are reasonably priced for the level of service we provide, keeping in mind that one of their primary goals is to maximize your revenue.

They ensure scheduling patients following the best possible practices such as:

  • Patients should be scheduled for a sufficient amount of time in accordance with their treatment.
  • In the event that anesthesia is required, schedule patient appointments such that one patient can be treated while the other is being numbed and readied.
  • Keep the excess patients on the waiting list so that the spots that were canceled at the last minute can be filled.
  • Don't give out prime slots to patients who are likely to be no-shows. This could be decided by the severity of the dental condition they're coming for; the less severe the issue, the greater the likelihood of a last-minute cancellation or no-show.

Yes, all of your patients’ communications are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week through a HIPPA-compliant interface we’ve incorporated. You can listen to and review the call recordings at any time.

We give real-time updates about scheduled calls. We send you an email as soon as a patient’s slot is set, describing their scheduling, therapy, and other important information.

In addition, to avoid misinterpretation, we provide real-time updates on any changes to the scheduled slots, cancellation of a slot, or rescheduling.

We offer live calling 24 hours a day, seven days a week. We will always have a properly trained calling agent ready no matter what time your patient calls.

Dental Billing Aid Scheduling Services are the best among all because of the following great features:

  • We assist you in raising $10 for every $1 spent on patient retention or acquisition.
  • We offer adaptive dental scheduling services that can be tailored to your specific demands and expectations.
  • We keep each of our clients informed and allow them to track the progress in real time.
  • We offer flexible pricing with open-end and short-term contracts.


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They have already used our services