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As more and more consumers get online to search for products and services, dentists are among the service providers that need to establish an online presence. A study shows that 77 percent of people use the internet to research healthcare providers and solutions, making it crucial for dentists to implement a clear online marketing plan that puts their practice right in front of people who are looking for them.

Gone are the days of billboard ads or listings in the Yellow Pages to get more patients through your door. These were effective techniques in the past, but not in today’s internet-connected world.

For dentists to remain relevant and competitive in their industry, they need to set up a website, create social media profiles and run online ads to ensure a steady stream of patients.

While most dentists are aware of the need for digital marketing, many don’t always know how to do it effectively. The initial step of launching a website is not enough – it needs to have search engine optimization (SEO) to show up on search engine search results pages (SERPs). SEO is a relatively slow process, but it guarantees results months or even years in the future.

If you want to fast-track the benefits of being at the top of search results, you have the option to run paid search engine ads using pay-per-click marketing. With pay-per-click (PPC), your ad appears at the top of SERPs according to your specified audience and keywords.

You can learn about PPC and SEO to implement a strategy for your dental practice.